Its been awhile... 4 years!!!

posted Jan 26, 2014, 8:42 AM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal

Ok, so its been a few years since my last post. 

Today I took a break from working and decided to read my old posts.. man... do i miss BootCamp! ...

For for those of you who wanna know what happened... well... in December 2009, after an excellent Bootcamp Session i went to my office to pick up my files for the day in Court... unfortunately i met with an accident and fractured my tibial spine on my right knee (in short I fractured my right knee)... 

I don't remember ever feeling so much pain! and that sadly put an end to my Bootcamp journey....

But you know... there are silver linings to bad stuff that happens. I was sitting at home with my leg in a brace and a 3 month Medical Leave Certificate.... the thought that came to mind was, "lets open your own firm!"....

so here i am ... 4 years later.. in a Business Partnership with my buddy Harvey. Talk about a silver lining!

hhhhmm.... i can't help but wonder what would have happened if i would have continued bootcamp.... maybe i still should ;-)

Today was a very very busy day! The National Legal Aid Foundation Training Video finally got on! Thanks to the Committee and our GIFTED actors... we finally completed the shooting of the raw training videos.. hope it turns out well.... Thanks guys!! 

Im back in the office. work to do!!! 

Any how people... not gonna over do the long overdue blog! 

Cheers folks!!

DAY 7, 8, & 9 !! All Together!!

posted Dec 17, 2009, 4:04 PM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal



Today’s blog has to incorporate Blog number 7 & 8 & 9!!!


Well.. to put it simply.. On the 13th of December, it was Shannon’s Wedding….. needles to say… I just was in no condition to make it on the 14th for the 7th Bootcamp® session!!


On the 8th Session (16th of December) ! it was like a full body workout… it felt like CRAP! I found myself getting penalised for not being able to continuously do push-ups for 6 minutes (with 10 second intervals between every minute) !!

I found the pushing the barrel standing up was god sent!! next to the hands and feet on the ground crawl and pushing of the damn barrel!


Scissor kicks, and flutter kicks etc etc were crap as well… but we survived!


The 9th Session !!! (18th December!) was marvellous! It was the Bring a friend day… and because I did not want any of my friends to metamorphosise into my enemies! I came alone!! … ok ok.. I was kidding…


Actually I had texted in that I was not going to attend the session as my dear friend DC was getting married in Penang. So we (Shanker, Shobana, Koki, Mina, Ken, Abi, etc etc) all had planned a long weekend in Penang…Sadly, I completely messed up and fixed our Legal Aid Legal Aiders Review Session on the 18th!!! (10 cheers for the Chairman! And his forgetfulness!)… so, seeing as I have to attend the Meeting at 9am today! (18.12.09)… I had to take the Midnight bus back from Penang this Morning! (Thank you guys for sending me to the Bus Station!.. I hope it was not too much of a bother!)


So I got on the Bus at 12am (18.12.09) and reached Puduraya at 4.30am!.... took a walk to Padang Merbok (with my suitcase!) attended Bootcamp® at 5.45am!.... and now I’m home… (have to thank my mom for picking me up from Padang Merbok… if I drove I would have joined the gang for breakfast!


Anyhow, Bring-A-Friend day was marvellous! Met some really cool people…(See u guys on facebook!) The new style today was quite motivating.. however, I still HATE Diamond Push-Ups!!! …..


Session ended with a big-ass HOOOYAAAH!!..... everyone carried on…


I got the Meeting in an Hour… then at 4.30pm.. I’m grabbing the next Bus back to Penang!! HAhahaha.. wait for me Guys!...


Alright PEOPLE!!     3…2…1… HOOOOOYYAAAAHHH!!      

DAY 6... difficult day 6!!

posted Dec 10, 2009, 3:36 PM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal


That’s it!! Its confirmed for me!!


The muscles repair time for me is 2 days!


I enjoy Mondays! (ok ok.. stop laughing!) but Fridays are just madness!! Today my aches and pain were just funny la!


The legs could not rise.. arms still, abs not feeling it because the other parts not working properly.. form out and push ups were like baby ones… (ok.. I’m still talking about bootcamp ok!)


Anyhow, gonna give it a shot again on Monday..(oops Tuesday… Cant attend Monday). Gonna give the evening one a shot! But really gonna miss the usual Team though!



Anyyyyways… I understand we are doing dinner tomorrow! Looking forward to it! Any buffet is good buffet!... just afraid the Sergeants will be watching and might yell out !! COME ONE RAVIN !!! COME ON!! EAT THAT FOOD! EAT THAT FOOD!! U CAN DO IT U CAN DO IT!!! Ok.. Give me 10 Grunts for not taking the veggies!!







posted Dec 8, 2009, 10:02 PM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal

Day 5 of Kemah Kasut!!

Today we did the "passing of the sand bags!" Original, I know..

Basically, we broke up to two groups, lined up on both sides of the road going up to Tugu Negara.. Each person carrying a sand bag weighing between 2-4 kgs I guess... What happens is the bags are passed up and when the last dude passes his bag up, he dashes to the head of the line (up-hill!!) and continues... The group that reaches the top first wins.. If anyone holding a bag drags or lifts his leg from the ground, his whole team gets punished with 5 ankle jumps!! .... Yes, and with my good karma, my team got punished 7 times!! Which made winning rather bitter sweet ;-)

Anyhow, all went well, left arm really sore from passing the guni to the person on the left! ... However we SURVIVED! 

I think everyone had great fun!

I have realized something, initially when we started this program, I was afraid that I would not be able to do the regime and thus embarrassing myself, but today I came to notice that I'm no longer afraid of that but more of letting the team down... And lastly.. THis THing is ADDICTIVE!!

3..2..1... HOOYAHH!! 

DAY 4... the 7th of December, 2009!!!

posted Dec 6, 2009, 5:12 PM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal

I have to admit it.. I'm loving this!
Ok la, got a bad back and knees so the ankle jumps were a problem..but the Mr Miagi thinggie was massive!! Cheers Eddie!
I must say, I got back and decided to walk/run another mile.. Kiasu, I know..
The end was really good, two members had birthday cakes, which tasted really good... (guilty!! So so guilty)
Lastly, did the weigh in and...I’m now….. 102.5KGs!


Hhmm… 4 sessions and lost 1.5kgs…..hhhmmmm.. not too great.. but look at the bright side… theres 8 more!!



HARI KE-3!!!! KEMAHKASUT... (bootcamp la...)

posted Dec 3, 2009, 3:52 PM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal

Ahh…. Day 3… the 4th of December 2009….


Today it rained… and these dudes mean it… rain or shine….


I have come to learn that maybe I need to put more in…. this no pain no gain thing is really true….


Before we started at 5.45am I found that I started to shiver because the rain got heavier….i was like…. WHY LA???? … I could just picture the Gurus, Jesus, Allah and Buddha all rolling around laughing at the dumb people exercising in the rain…. I guess that caused the heavier rain…


When I got home I looked like a POW who just got released from detention…(except the weight bit ;-) …… I even found mud and grass on my arse! Just to give you an idea of the regime la….



Anyhow, it went well… muscles feeling a little better… still no change in weight.. despite hitting the salads (Without dressing!!!!). Hope this changes….



ANNNYYWAYS…. The weekend is here!.... I guess im gonna have to stay off the beers la….. (at least ill try ;-)

hehehe.. anyways.. i know some pics were taken today.. hope someone tags it... CHEERS PEOPLE!!!



HOOOYAAA!!!..... haiiiiyyyaaaaaaaaa…..

day 2 OF bootcamp!!

posted Dec 2, 2009, 10:37 AM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal

Day 2 OBC
Well, let's just say it was worse than Monday!!
This time my muscles actually gave up!
My arms said "dei!!..
heavy la.. What push up push up all??"
Each thy said " I concur with the arms!"
The belly said "u mean I drank all that beer for this??"
The brain... Well, the brain is still trying to rationalize why I signed up...
On a serious note: muscles still hadn't. healed, thus causing more pain and basically no power at all.. Ran like an old lady and let's just say the Grunts sounded like a puppy stuck in a drain...


Sadly I had to catch a flight to Alor Setar after the session and got back around 11at night!!! Sigh…. Its 2.30am and still preparing for trial tomorrow…. Gonna have to get some sleep!!!
Let's hope I live through Friday!!


P.S. Weight still no change though….


posted Nov 29, 2009, 5:17 PM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal   [ updated Nov 29, 2009, 5:24 PM ]

The Original Bootcamp!


DAY 1 (30th November, 2009)


I don’t see what is so original…it reminds me of some old war movie where the POWs were being tortured by the captors and the only ones cheering them on were their fellow POWs.


And I don’t see why people pay RM300… sorry RM299 (RM 1 is returned ;-) …… as I was saying, I don’t see why anyone would pay for someone else to whop their ar*e!!


Anyhow, I’m one of those people who had too much money lying around so yeah… DAY 1…


I weigh 104KGs!! Heavy .. I know… stop laughing!


I’m still alive.. at least I think so…or this is the second episode of the “6th Sense” …..


I went to the restroom to wash my hands and realised that my chest muscles were hurting…. WHEN I’M WASHING MY HANDS!!!


I dread the thought of what else is going to hurt the rest of the day!!


Anyhow, got a Criminal matter in Shah Alam today…. Gotta go….


Wish me luck for Wednesday! ….(its 5.45am by the way!)


PS: the people are very nice though…..



(16/08/2009) 2nd Blog... its been awhile

posted Aug 16, 2009, 3:43 AM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal   [ updated Aug 16, 2009, 4:43 AM ]

Well, here it is, the 2nd Blog. Its been a very tiring couple of weeks.


After the whole fiasco on Black Thursday, we have been sufficiently busy at the Legal Aid Centre Kuala Lumpur.


Renovation of the Centre, the whole ISA thing and now, we have the investigation on Arrest of the 5 lawyers of the Legal Aid Centre conducted by SUHAKAM.


Sometimes i wish i had to time to write more on these things. I wish i had the time to write more on how the “MAN” claims hundreds of facts but at the same time in MY OPINION seems to perfect the art of telling half truths.


How can Beng Hock want to spend another minute in the same building where he was interrogated?

How can 1 man say he saw a foot print and 2 others claim it never existed?

How can our Malaysian Officials look at Beng Hocks parents in their eyes and say, HE KILLED HIMSELF??? 


How can the government claim that ANTI ISA is only a sentiment shared by a small portion of the people?

How can the Police handcuff children (below 18) and then lock them up with grown men?? and have NO CONSEQUENCES??!!

How can police interrogate 13 year old boys?? and ask them "who paid you to attend this rally??

How can the police hold over 400 people at the FRU Complex in Cheras and say to the Lawyers "Ini adalah kawasan larangan, PEGUAM pun tidak dibenarkan masuk" ???

How can the police deny a wife's plea to send medication to her husband who was arrested????

How can the Police tell the Magistrate doing the remand hearings that "kami tangkap terlalu banyak orang, dan oleh itu kami tidak dapat memproseskan semua dokumen dan pernyataan dalam 24 jam??"  - WHOSE BLEADY PROBLEM IS THAT????



How can you arrest Lawyers who go to see their clients and then claim that because there were 5 lawyers outside the Police Station, it constituted an unlawful assembly?


How can they expect us to believe all this?? sigh.... too many "How cans" .... day by day, they make us activists..... day by day, we wonder more and more.....

I hope someday they will realise that this is all not worth it. Doing things the right way, in the long term, will justify not doing it the wrong way now!!!


Cheers people..

Until the next blog…

(26/4/2009) My Dil Goes hhhm....

posted Apr 25, 2009, 1:00 PM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal   [ updated Apr 25, 2009, 6:55 PM ]

ok, dont let the name of this Post scare you. Its 4am in the morning, I am sitting at my uncles office and just finished watching Salaam Nameste.


I have never been much of a Hindi Movie Fan, but I must say… EXCELLENT MOVIE!


It happens on a daily basis that we forget how special the small things in life are. Its hilarious that one would need a hindi movie to remind them.


I also must add that I kindda enjoyed the Theme Song , without the words for some reason.


For those of you who have watched the movie, I hope u enjoyed it. For those who have not, the movie is about an Indian couple who decide to cohabit so they could get to know each other. Of course, like all hindi movies, after some singing, numerous changes of clothes and a whole load of scandals, they lived happily ever after.


Cant help but feel, god damn! This falling in love thing sometimes is worth the trouble! HA HA HA… ok, stop pretending to throw up.


Anyhow,  this is my first blog in MY LIFE!.. not really sure of the practice and procedures, so heres my first try.


Ok people, I wont over-do the first posting. Cheers! And GOOD NIGHT!




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