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(16/08/2009) 2nd Blog... its been awhile

posted Aug 16, 2009, 3:43 AM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal   [ updated Aug 16, 2009, 4:43 AM ]

Well, here it is, the 2nd Blog. Its been a very tiring couple of weeks.


After the whole fiasco on Black Thursday, we have been sufficiently busy at the Legal Aid Centre Kuala Lumpur.


Renovation of the Centre, the whole ISA thing and now, we have the investigation on Arrest of the 5 lawyers of the Legal Aid Centre conducted by SUHAKAM.


Sometimes i wish i had to time to write more on these things. I wish i had the time to write more on how the “MAN” claims hundreds of facts but at the same time in MY OPINION seems to perfect the art of telling half truths.


How can Beng Hock want to spend another minute in the same building where he was interrogated?

How can 1 man say he saw a foot print and 2 others claim it never existed?

How can our Malaysian Officials look at Beng Hocks parents in their eyes and say, HE KILLED HIMSELF??? 


How can the government claim that ANTI ISA is only a sentiment shared by a small portion of the people?

How can the Police handcuff children (below 18) and then lock them up with grown men?? and have NO CONSEQUENCES??!!

How can police interrogate 13 year old boys?? and ask them "who paid you to attend this rally??

How can the police hold over 400 people at the FRU Complex in Cheras and say to the Lawyers "Ini adalah kawasan larangan, PEGUAM pun tidak dibenarkan masuk" ???

How can the police deny a wife's plea to send medication to her husband who was arrested????

How can the Police tell the Magistrate doing the remand hearings that "kami tangkap terlalu banyak orang, dan oleh itu kami tidak dapat memproseskan semua dokumen dan pernyataan dalam 24 jam??"  - WHOSE BLEADY PROBLEM IS THAT????



How can you arrest Lawyers who go to see their clients and then claim that because there were 5 lawyers outside the Police Station, it constituted an unlawful assembly?


How can they expect us to believe all this?? sigh.... too many "How cans" .... day by day, they make us activists..... day by day, we wonder more and more.....

I hope someday they will realise that this is all not worth it. Doing things the right way, in the long term, will justify not doing it the wrong way now!!!


Cheers people..

Until the next blog…