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DAY 6... difficult day 6!!

posted Dec 10, 2009, 3:36 PM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal


That’s it!! Its confirmed for me!!


The muscles repair time for me is 2 days!


I enjoy Mondays! (ok ok.. stop laughing!) but Fridays are just madness!! Today my aches and pain were just funny la!


The legs could not rise.. arms still, abs not feeling it because the other parts not working properly.. form out and push ups were like baby ones… (ok.. I’m still talking about bootcamp ok!)


Anyhow, gonna give it a shot again on Monday..(oops Tuesday… Cant attend Monday). Gonna give the evening one a shot! But really gonna miss the usual Team though!



Anyyyyways… I understand we are doing dinner tomorrow! Looking forward to it! Any buffet is good buffet!... just afraid the Sergeants will be watching and might yell out !! COME ONE RAVIN !!! COME ON!! EAT THAT FOOD! EAT THAT FOOD!! U CAN DO IT U CAN DO IT!!! Ok.. Give me 10 Grunts for not taking the veggies!!