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DAY 7, 8, & 9 !! All Together!!

posted Dec 17, 2009, 4:04 PM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal



Today’s blog has to incorporate Blog number 7 & 8 & 9!!!


Well.. to put it simply.. On the 13th of December, it was Shannon’s Wedding….. needles to say… I just was in no condition to make it on the 14th for the 7th Bootcamp® session!!


On the 8th Session (16th of December) ! it was like a full body workout… it felt like CRAP! I found myself getting penalised for not being able to continuously do push-ups for 6 minutes (with 10 second intervals between every minute) !!

I found the pushing the barrel standing up was god sent!! next to the hands and feet on the ground crawl and pushing of the damn barrel!


Scissor kicks, and flutter kicks etc etc were crap as well… but we survived!


The 9th Session !!! (18th December!) was marvellous! It was the Bring a friend day… and because I did not want any of my friends to metamorphosise into my enemies! I came alone!! … ok ok.. I was kidding…


Actually I had texted in that I was not going to attend the session as my dear friend DC was getting married in Penang. So we (Shanker, Shobana, Koki, Mina, Ken, Abi, etc etc) all had planned a long weekend in Penang…Sadly, I completely messed up and fixed our Legal Aid Legal Aiders Review Session on the 18th!!! (10 cheers for the Chairman! And his forgetfulness!)… so, seeing as I have to attend the Meeting at 9am today! (18.12.09)… I had to take the Midnight bus back from Penang this Morning! (Thank you guys for sending me to the Bus Station!.. I hope it was not too much of a bother!)


So I got on the Bus at 12am (18.12.09) and reached Puduraya at 4.30am!.... took a walk to Padang Merbok (with my suitcase!) attended Bootcamp® at 5.45am!.... and now I’m home… (have to thank my mom for picking me up from Padang Merbok… if I drove I would have joined the gang for breakfast!


Anyhow, Bring-A-Friend day was marvellous! Met some really cool people…(See u guys on facebook!) The new style today was quite motivating.. however, I still HATE Diamond Push-Ups!!! …..


Session ended with a big-ass HOOOYAAAH!!..... everyone carried on…


I got the Meeting in an Hour… then at 4.30pm.. I’m grabbing the next Bus back to Penang!! HAhahaha.. wait for me Guys!...


Alright PEOPLE!!     3…2…1… HOOOOOYYAAAAHHH!!