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Its been awhile... 4 years!!!

posted Jan 26, 2014, 8:42 AM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal
Ok, so its been a few years since my last post. 

Today I took a break from working and decided to read my old posts.. man... do i miss BootCamp! ...

For for those of you who wanna know what happened... well... in December 2009, after an excellent Bootcamp Session i went to my office to pick up my files for the day in Court... unfortunately i met with an accident and fractured my tibial spine on my right knee (in short I fractured my right knee)... 

I don't remember ever feeling so much pain! and that sadly put an end to my Bootcamp journey....

But you know... there are silver linings to bad stuff that happens. I was sitting at home with my leg in a brace and a 3 month Medical Leave Certificate.... the thought that came to mind was, "lets open your own firm!"....

so here i am ... 4 years later.. in a Business Partnership with my buddy Harvey. Talk about a silver lining!

hhhhmm.... i can't help but wonder what would have happened if i would have continued bootcamp.... maybe i still should ;-)

Today was a very very busy day! The National Legal Aid Foundation Training Video finally got on! Thanks to the Committee and our GIFTED actors... we finally completed the shooting of the raw training videos.. hope it turns out well.... Thanks guys!! 

Im back in the office. work to do!!! 

Any how people... not gonna over do the long overdue blog! 

Cheers folks!!