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posted Dec 8, 2009, 10:02 PM by Ravinder S. Dhalliwal
Day 5 of Kemah Kasut!!

Today we did the "passing of the sand bags!" Original, I know..

Basically, we broke up to two groups, lined up on both sides of the road going up to Tugu Negara.. Each person carrying a sand bag weighing between 2-4 kgs I guess... What happens is the bags are passed up and when the last dude passes his bag up, he dashes to the head of the line (up-hill!!) and continues... The group that reaches the top first wins.. If anyone holding a bag drags or lifts his leg from the ground, his whole team gets punished with 5 ankle jumps!! .... Yes, and with my good karma, my team got punished 7 times!! Which made winning rather bitter sweet ;-)

Anyhow, all went well, left arm really sore from passing the guni to the person on the left! ... However we SURVIVED! 

I think everyone had great fun!

I have realized something, initially when we started this program, I was afraid that I would not be able to do the regime and thus embarrassing myself, but today I came to notice that I'm no longer afraid of that but more of letting the team down... And lastly.. THis THing is ADDICTIVE!!

3..2..1... HOOYAHH!!